About Us

We’re Isaiah and Amanda. We’ve been married over 4 years. We spent our first two years of marriage living in Switzerland, our third year of marriage paying off credit card debt and saving our pennies, and our fourth year of marriage searching for an affordable home in San Diego, CA (plus paying off my car and saving our pennies). For a while it seemed impossible to make our dream of becoming homeowners a reality, but it finally happened!

I should note that because of Isaiah’s service in the US Navy, we qualified for a VA loan, with no money down, which is really the only reason it has been possible for us to purchase a home at this point in our lives.(So, all those pennies that we saved we’re using to improve the house.) I know other people are able to get FHA loans with 3.5% down, which is also great. And those of you who had the discipline to save 20% for a down payment, I admire you and wonder how on Earth you did it!

We’re also parents-to-be, which makes this home renovation project extra special. We want to bring the baby home to a safe, happy place.

Visit my other blog Queso Suizo to peruse the archives for posts about our time in Europe or catch up on all things baby!


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