About the Blog

top row l-r: foyer, living room, hallway
middle row l-r: bathroom, baby’s room, master bedroom
bottom row: l-r: sunroom, kitchen, dining area

This blog is a little place to document the adventures of renovating and restoring our home on a small budget (about $10,000 for initial improvements), which means a lot of DIY projects. So far, Isaiah has learned a lot from reading other renovation blogs, and we hope that readers can learn from our experiences as well as be inspired by our little work in progress.

We’re also looking into applying for historical landmark status. Fingers crossed!

One final aspect of our home improvement projects that I want to highlight is our aim to buy all materials, tools, furniture, and décor from Made in USA, Fair Trade, vintage, or resale sources.

To Do:

1. Wood flooring restored

2. Wall and ceiling cracks repaired (plaster)

3. Garage conversion/2nd bedroom rehab

4. New windows and/or attempt to restore current windows

5. Landscaping (front and back)

6. Plumbing Repairs

7. Electrical Re-haul

8. Lead Paint Removal*

9. Clean exterior

10. Paint/decorate/furnish interior

 *We paid $450 to have a professional complete a lead survey on our home. Because of the results, we need to deal with the bathroom and sunroom walls, all doors, as well as door and window frames.


1. Remodel the kitchen (tile flooring; concrete countertops; island)

2. Remodel the bathroom (tile flooring; claw-foot tub with shower and concrete countertops)

3. Bedroom and Bathroom addition


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