The End of the Story

I never properly updated the blog with how the sale of our home went, so I thought I’d do that and wrap things up here. Although this blog isn’t going anywhere, this will be my last post. And even though I didn’t do nearly as much work as Isaiah did, I can confidently say, I never want a fixer-upper again.

Regarding the sale, it wasn’t smooth sailing, but things did happen pretty quickly, at least. We listed the house in early September and closed by mid October. With the capital gains, we were able to pay off all our student loan debt, pay for my Montessori training, and pay for Hunter’s first year of Montessori school. We even got to take a family trip to Sicily this past spring.

How did all of our hard work turn out? Well, when we sold the house, it had all new custom wooden windows in the main rooms (except for the stripped original windows in the bedroom, all painted white by yours truly), including new frames as part of lead abatement; all new door frames, as part of lead abatement; all new baseboards and trim in the main rooms (also painted by yours truly — see I did do some work!); and refinished hardwood floors. The bathroom was updated a bit, which you can see in this post (new toilet, new floor, new vanity, new tub/shower walls). The kitchen wasn’t really updated, just “refreshed” a little with a stainless steel fridge, decor, and new flooring. All walls and ceilings in the main rooms had a new finish with fresh paint. Finally, we did a little “staging” with some pieces my mom let us borrow or bought and donated to the cause, focusing mainly on the living room and foyer. So here are some photos of how the home looked on the inside for showings (with some before and afters):


KITCHEN Top: Before, Bottom: After


DINING AREA (in kitchen) Top: Before; Bottom: After

2012 08 041


Living Room: Before


Living Room: After


That last photo was one our realtor took for the listing, and it shows the final look of the living room. As for the foyer, in this post, I had mentioned that we were thinking of turning it into a home office, but that never worked out. It was mainly a playroom, and then once we started the “staging” process, Hunter’s toys got moved to the sunroom. To spice it up, we borrowed Mom’s two “Harvard” chairs, and, using her design-on-a-dime skills, she transformed that little white end table in the photo. The mid-century modern chair we scored at a local consignment shop for $50 years ago. It needs some refinishing, and mom is going to make us some cushions for it, but it’s still pretty cool as is. The table between the two Harvard chairs is actually a little desk that my dad most likely bought at a swap meet. My mom turned it around to look like an end table.

The decor is inspired by world travel. The boomerangs are gifts from my mom and stepdad that they brought back from their trip to Australia this year. The pitcher is a gift our friends brought back from Mexico. The elephant (seen in the last photo, also taken by our realtor for the listing) is a toy for Hunter that my sister brought back from Israel. The Barcelona book is a gift from our friends from Spain. The wall hanging I found on SERRV and is from India. The Greek coasters I found at an antique shop. It was definitely bittersweet to decorate this room. I loved adding touches that mean so much to us, but I was sad that we’d only get to enjoy it for a couple of months.

The final result was this welcoming entryway:



Well, that’s all folks! Thanks for joining us on this journey!


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