Curb Appeal

IMG_5975 IMG_5976IMG_59522014-08-25When we decided to sell the house earlier this year, we made it a goal to tidy up the front yard. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money making improvements on a house we wouldn’t get to enjoy living in much longer, but we knew that a good chunk of our budget should go to creating some curb appeal. Two years ago, we had some green grass and purple flowers growing in the front yard, but with the current drought in our area and having to trample on the flower beds in front of the house to install the windows, out went the grass and the flowers.

A much more suitable landscape for a Southern California home is a cactus and succulent garden upon decomposed granite. We have seen DG gardens and they look great, so Isaiah got a few quotes, and we settled on a local company to deliver 14 yards of DG. When the material arrived I was very confused. The color was not the “desert gold” I imagined. That’s because I didn’t realize that when I placed my order (over the phone) I needed to specify decorative DG. Apparently, there is “yard” DG that is basically road base, so that’s what we got. Decorative DG is nearly double the cost, so we made do with what we got.

My mom had several cacti and succulents taking up space in her garden, so she donated them to our cause. We planted them a couple of weeks ago, and the result is what you see in the photos. It’s not much, but it’s enough to make the front yard look neat and tidy. It’s simple and leaves lots of space for the new owners to put their own touch.

As for the back yard, not much has changed. I do have a small veggie and herb garden going on that you can check out if you click here.

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