The Bathroom


Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many “before” photos of the bathroom, so you can’t really tell here how drastic the changes are, but let me say, the bathroom is 1,000 times better than before.

When we bought the house, the bathroom was in working order, at least, but just so unpleasant. There was a large storage cabinet to the left as you walked in, so in a room already cramped for space, it just took up too much of the room. That cabinet was the first thing to go.

Phase 1: For most of the time that we have lived here, we made do with a new Toto toilet (searched high and low for one Made in USA), the old sink and cabinet, new Delta faucet, new vinyl floors, a new mirror (from Ross — about $15 — Isaiah took out the mirrored medicine cabinet), a new hand towel bar above the toilet, new outlet and switch plates, newly plastered and painted walls, and the original cast iron tub with sliding shower doors.

Phase 2: Recently, in preparation for the sale of the house (I briefly mentioned our plans to sell in this post), we made a few more improvements. Isaiah took out the old tub surround and put in a nice shiny new one, plus a new shower head and faucet. Although Isaiah took out the sliding shower doors, we kept the old cast iron tub, which could probably use refinishing, but it’s still good as-is. We got this new sink from IKEA as well as this sink base cabinet. With the sliding shower doors gone we lost some towel racks, so Isaiah installed this double towel bar to match our hand towel bar from Lowe’s. The last thing Isaiah did was put some shelves (a BILLY bookcase from IKEA) next to the shower in an area that up until this point was just an open space with access to the plumbing behind the shower.

So that’s it! Below are some more photos of Phase 2. Too bad we’ll only get to enjoy our new bathroom for as long as this house is on the market :/



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