A Living Room

This post is long overdue, like if it were a library book I would owe seven months of overdue fees, that kind of overdue. I left off on this post telling you about Isaiah’s accident and how I was going to be doing some work like putting polyurethane on the floors. Ha! Like that ever happened. It turns out, Isaiah just wanted to get ‘er done, so with one arm in a sling, he got down on his knees and finished that darn floor himself. It’s not that I wasn’t willing to help, it’s just that he had done it before, and it was just going to be easier overall for him to do it.

The floors turned out great, and I am so proud of Isaiah’s work! And the best part was that we FINALLY have a living room! Can you believe we lived in this house almost an entire year without a proper living room? We did designate the 2nd bedroom our sitting area, but it was pretty dark and dreary back there, so we didn’t hang out there much. Our main living area was the kitchen.

Anyway, the next three photos are from last November and are mostly to show off the floors. We have done a few things since then like adding window treatments, installing more trim (around windows and doors and baseboard), and getting rid of those giant couches. We have a couple of pieces from IKEA now, and once everything is all put together, I will do some proper before and after photos.

The last photo is just for fun so you can see the progress we’ve made!




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