Italian Lace, Greek Villa, and Life’s Curve Ball

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In my last post I focused on decor ideas for the foyer but didn’t mention anything about the progress of that room or the living room. Not a whole lot has changed in the last couple of months, but at the time of that posting, Isaiah had…

  • finished smoothing out the walls and ceiling with dry wall mud
  • painted the ceiling plain white (it’s the same white we have on all the ceilings)
  • painted the main walls “Italian Lace”
  • painted a few accent walls “Greek Villa”

We may or may not have chosen the paint colors based on those names alone. Don’t they just evoke the mood of a Mediterranean cruise? Anyone else with me about choose paint based on the name? Also, I am starting to realize that the walls of our house are now as colorful as a bag of Skittles. OK, maybe M&Ms. We have been choosing paint colors room by room as we go, rather than choosing a palette of colors for the whole house to ensure that they complement each other. I blame it on a lack of vision and a lack of experience. Kinda wish S and J had posted this last summer…

Shortly after Isaiah finished painting, he got started on restoring the hardwood floors, as you can see in the photos above.

At some point in the home’s history, the wall separating the original living room and the original bedroom was torn down to create the open living room/foyer space, but because the old living room and bedroom shared a wall heater that reached all the way to the floor, there was a substantial hole that did not have hardwood flooring. Instead of repairing the hole, the owners just covered it with some plywood (flush with the original hardwood), added some wood flooring strips where the wall used to be, and installed carpeting. Isaiah’s original intent was to repair the hole and then eliminate the strips of flooring where the wall used to be, thus making the flooring continuous from one room to the next. However, the old strips must have shrunk ever so slightly with age so that fitting new strips with old strips seemed impossible.

In the end, he repaired the hole by first building a frame, covering it with plywood but dropped so that it was flush with the subfloor, and finally laying new strips on top. He replaced that haphazard strips that covered the space where the wall was with new strips, so unfortunately, we have a strange strip of flooring separating the living room from the foyer. Isaiah is not fond of it, but I don’t think it looks bad. Next came the sanding.

Isaiah rented a floor orbital sander from Home Depot for the weekend. Just as he finished sanding and the floor was ready for the next step, life threw us a curve ball. Without going into too many details, while riding his normal bike commute to work, Isaiah was hit by a car. Thankfully, he did not suffer any head or neck injuries (always wear your helmet, folks), but he did land on his shoulder and fractured two bits of bone, which doctors repaired with surgery. His left shoulder will be out of commission for three to six months, which means more delays with our home renovation projects.

We could really use a living room, though, so it looks like I’ll be doing some of the work around here myself for a change. SHOCKER! Wish me luck! Next up, polyurethane on the floors!


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