Turning Our Foyer into an Office


The Foyer

Did I ever tell you about the tray ceiling in the foyer? Cool, huh?

Did I ever tell you about the tray ceiling in the foyer? Cool, huh?

In case you were wondering, the first room you walk into when you enter our house is the foyer, sort of. You see, when the home was originally built, this foyer was actually the living room, and the current living room was the bedroom. So now we have this oddly larger-than-normal open foyer that somehow we need to decorate and furnish.

One thought I had was to place a fancy circular wooden table in the middle of the room, upon which I would place fresh flowers in a chic vase and a little decorative bowl for our keys. You’d find an old-fashioned coat and hat hanger from an antique shop sitting in the corner and a mid-century modern buffet along the back wall with a large mirror overhead. Plus, a light fixture like this one, naturally. I daydream about a foyer like that, but in reality it’s not really in our budget and also not practical for our needs. (I mean, a short table in the middle of the room with a soon-to-be toddling baby? Yeah, right.)

The more I thought about what our needs really are, the more I realized we could use an office. Not that either of us runs a business from home, but we just need a space to keep our laptops and mail and paperwork, a “study,” if you will. In that case, we don’t want the room to actually look like an office, since it is the first thing visitors will see when they enter our home. Right now, our kitchen table is the office, and the few times we’ve had people over for a meal, it’s such a pain to clear off all the junk that’s accumulated on this table. Plus, it’s a beautiful table, and I’d like to be able to actually see it.

Here are some ideas I have for the desk space. I still would like to have an old coat/hat hanger in the corner.


1. I have a little desk like this one that belonged to my father. It’s not blue, but it is small and cute like this one. If I could find something similar, then we could set up two little “his and hers” desks along the yellow wall with some shelving in between. Source: House to Home

2. This option is a space-saver and seems like the most DIY-friendly and least expensive option. Plus, it’s functional and cute! Source: Apartment Therapy

3. This is probably my favorite option but likely totally out of our budget. I really like the clean look of the white furniture. It’s more elegant than cute, which makes it a little more grown-up. We are grown-ups now, after all 😉 Source: Custom Closets Direct

4. Again I like the white here, but the contrast with the stained wood adds a little something extra. I think this option is also pretty DIY-friendly. Source: Young House Love (blog)


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