Window Update #3

house-001Well, all’s been quiet on the western front, huh? That’s because our baby arrived on December 10, 2012, a couple of weeks early. Needless to say, house renovations came to a screeching halt after that.

We’ve been living in the house since early November, first sleeping in the unfinished master bedroom. Then, after my last post (mid November) about the trim in the baby’s room, we moved into the nursery with our bedroom furniture and stuff for the baby. The “master bedroom” has served as sitting room where we occasionally watch movies. (We’ve set up a sofa, chairs, futon, and TV in there.) That’s how we’ve been happily living for the last 8 months (yikes)!

Sometime in the new year, Isaiah picked up where he left off and, over the course of a few weekends, finished installing all the new wood windows we had custom made. The windows in the kitchen even have trim! Isaiah’s current project is working on the living room and foyer walls and restoring the wood floors, so I will be updating the blog with those details.

As for the windows, you can see in the photos above that Isaiah removed all those ghastly security bars. The new windows have white primer and paint on the outside, and we plan to keep them natural on the inside (with a coat of polyurethane). I think the new windows brighten things up a bit, but there is still work to be done, of course. I do realize the grass and plants are dead in the “progress” photo, so aspects of the “before” photo look better, but try to focus on the windows, OK? The awnings will eventually come down, but we need them this summer to help with the heat, as we probably won’t be getting insulation until the fall.

On a budget update, we blew through our initial pot of funds pretty quickly, so anything else we do on the house is going to be slow going as we save up for each project.

I don’t have details on what Isaiah did to install the windows (taking care of a new baby and all), but I will say that it involved a lot of trouble-shooting, trying to make everything level and figuring out what to do to make each window opening more welcoming to a new window!



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