Trim Is In

The baby’s room is coming along, folks! So far, it’s the only room in the house with our new trim!

Truth be told, it’s really not going to be the baby’s room for another six months or so. This bedroom is really more like the family sleeping room because the baby will be sleeping with us for a while, and since this is the only bedroom that’s ready for occupants, we’ve moved our bed, furniture, and clothing in here. Once the master bedroom is ready (my guess is next summer…), we’ll “move out” and let the baby have his/her room all to herself/himself. At that time I’ll get all into our nursery theme (vintage toys) and offer a photo tour of the decor. For now, here are some before, after, and progress photos of the room sans furniture.

South-West Corner

North-West Corner

North-East Corner


Although the room may look complete, there are still a few things that Isaiah needs to do before we cross this room off the to-do list:

  • touch-up paint (on walls and baseboard)
  • finish windows (install window treatments, paint outside, and paint inside trim)
  • finish doors (polyurethane closet door and hallway door, finish/paint frames, install doors, install door hardware)
  • caulking around trim and baseboards

What Isaiah has accomplished in this room thus far:

  • ripped out carpeting and paneling
  • removed all glues; patched up cracks
  • filled empty doorway on east wall (which we didn’t know about until the paneling came down)
  • applied joint compound and sanded to create smooth wall and ceiling surfaces
  • ripped out original door frames (contaminated with lead-based paint) and replaced with new studs and boards
  • primed and painted walls and ceiling
  • re-installed newly stripped, primed, and painted original double hung windows
  • restored and refinished original hardwood floors
  • installed baseboards and trim around windows and door frames
  • replaced old electrical outlets with safety outlets
  • replaced old switch plate and outlet covers with new ones

So, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Trim Is In

    • Thanks! And I can’t wait to collect more items for the theme! So far I have a small collection of vintage (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s) pixi books I found at the Brocki in Switzerland… Next year I will hit the antique shops to look for toys.

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