Window Update #2

So, we’ve had our custom windows for weeks now, and they are beautiful! We are very pleased and look forward to seeing what they look like installed. Yes, installation of the new windows — that won’t happen all at once. Isaiah will most likely work room by room. Some other projects have gotten in the way of installing our new windows, such as the bathroom (plumbing, new toilet, repair tub), a BABYMOON, and repairing the wood floors in the hallway and baby’s room, which will all get their own posts.

For now, I thought I’d share with you some photos of the original sash windows re-installed, well one pair, at least. Isaiah primed the outside and will be painting them this week, and the inside got two coats of polyurethane. When we bought the house, these windows and all the doors had been painted white, but since we like the look of natural wood, the plan is to keep the inside part of the windows natural and paint only the outside parts as well as keep three interior doors we had stripped in their natural state, except for the polyurethane coating.

By the way, Isaiah had to go to a specialty shop to buy new balances so the sashes could slide up and down properly, and while there he picked up some new hardware for the windows. I love the color of the metal, which is an oil-rubbed bronze.


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