Painting the Bathroom, Hallway and Kitchen

Kitchen and Bathroom Paint: Colors in the top photo are more or less accurate, but the bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, so it is difficult to photograph. The photo on the right offers a better idea of the color.

The last time I wrote about choosing a paint color, we really took our time with the selection process. We taped swatches to different walls in the baby’s room. After narrowing it down to four colors, we waited until the next morning to compare the colors in the morning light.

Hot tip: If you have the time, do take the swatches home before selecting a color because the way the color looks in store and on paper, from a printer, looks very different from actual paint on the wall.

Well, we’re running out of time. For the bathroom, we agreed on a grayish blue.

At the store, the conversation went like this:

“That blue is too gray.”

“This blue is too green.”

“This blue is too blue.”

“This blue is just right.”

We handed the blue over to the clerk who readily mixed our paint. When he opened the can, our just-right blue looked like almost lavender. He assured us that when dry it would look more blue. He was right, it doesn’t look purple, but by looking at our paint tray you would think otherwise. That’s what we get for choosing a blue that’s located close to the purple hues.

For most of the walls in the kitchen/dining area, we chose a dark brown called “Natural Bark” and “Coffee with Cream” for two walls plus the hallway. It was fairly easy to decide on those colors. Next up will be the living room and foyer. I have to say, I think what makes it easy to decide is that we both have a “whatever, we just need paint on the walls” attitude about this whole thing, especially since the paint on the walls has not ever looked like what
we expect it to.


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