On Choosing Paint Colors

I know of some women whose husbands have handed over the reins when it comes to decorating the house and choosing paint colors. “Just pick whatever you want,” they say. Isaiah is not one of those husbands.

At first I was a little concerned that our tastes would be incompatible and that it would take hours and hours to agree on anything related to home décor. Fixing up our apartment was pretty easy because we couldn’t paint the walls or afford new furniture, so we made do with our hand-me-down sofas. The posters we had framed were from a favorite Swiss vacation, so that was painless. Our dining table (an estate sale find) happens to be something we both love. Isaiah picked out our coffee table and the look of it has never bothered me. But now that we have an entire house to paint, we will no doubt find ourselves compromising along the way.

The first room that was ready to paint was the baby’s room, which will actually be our room for a long while because getting the second bedroom in order is a future project (i.e. when we have more money). After scrutinizing over 40 different shades of green, we narrowed it down to four soft shades of green. (It’s funny how they all look exactly like the color of mint chocolate-chip ice cream, huh? Yum.) It took us less than 15 minutes to narrow it down. Easy, right?

Haha. Although I am very happy with the idea of a soft green room for the baby, it was not my first choice. One evening at home while on Pinterest:

“Hey, babe, check out the orange walls in this nursery! What do you think about orange for the nursery?”

Barely looking up from his computer, “Orange is cool. Maybe something not so dark or bright, but orange is good.”

Two weeks later after a trip to Home Depot.

“Hey, babe, let’s look at these paint swatches I picked up from the store. I’d like to decide on one for the nursery.”

“They’re orange.”

“Yeah, you said you liked orange.”

“No, I didn’t.”

Hmm. Isaiah then proceeded to look up other color ideas and we agreed on green. So, which green did we end up choosing? Mischievous. I love that our baby’s room will be painted a naughty color.


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