Mudding and Sanding and More

It’s been a little while since I last posted Isaiah’s progress, so I thought I’d write a quick update. The past weekends and weeknights have seen Isaiah doing lots of mudding and sanding. He has only had to install bits of drywall here and there, but for the most part the priority is getting rid of cracks in the ceiling and walls.

During the first few weeks, he sealed most of the cracks, but it’s taken several layers of mudding and sanding to get the walls looking smooth, so that’s what has been so time consuming. (I suppose we could have hired someone to do this, but since Isaiah is perfectly capable of doing it himself, it’s best to save the money in our budget for tasks that he is unfamiliar with, like installing an electrical panel.)

Hot tip: For creating thin layers of mud, place the joint compound in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. Add some water to the mud, and using a mud mixer attachment on your cordless hand drill, mix the mud and water until well blended. This step allows for quicker, easier, smoother application of the mud.

His focus right now is the hall, bathroom, kitchen and baby’s room. The living room and foyer can get taken care of after we move in. Everything is looking a lot more smooth, which is great, but no DIY project would be complete without some more surprises, right??

Isaiah decided to mud the bathroom walls, even though they didn’t have any cracks, because the paint tested positive for lead. He wanted to create an extra barrier and make sure that toxic stuff got sealed in. (Next steps will be primer, then paint.) While he was in there, he decided we should also redo the floors, even though we thought a bathroom remodel would come later. To do that, he had to remove the toilet and vanity, of course, only to discover: shoddy plumbing!

See how that valve thing is not anchored down to anything? Yeah, that’s no good.

Why does it seem that every time he takes one step forward, he has to take two steps back? Oh, the joys of renovation! 😉

More on the bathroom remodel in a future post…

On a brighter note, we had the service panel in our house updated! We hired a great independent electrical contractor who gave us a very reasonable price. He tore out our old panel (a very dangerous Zinsco) and redirected everything to our new 200 amp panel. So that’s one thing we can check off the list!


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