Eye on Retro Decor

I never thought it was possible to lust after home decor, but that mailbox is luscious!

Though we’re very far away from actually decorating this house (the closest we’ll be getting to that will be painting in a couple of weeks), I have my eye on a few decorative touches that would suit our little Streamline Moderne very well.

Prior to discovering the architectural history of our home, we had it in mind to add Art Deco touches here and there just because we like that style so much. Now that we recognize our home may be a candidate for historical landmark designation, I am inspired to play up the Streamline Modern decor as much as possible. Our current furniture just won’t do, but it’s got to do for a while until we can slowly acquire various period pieces to fill our home.

Most of these pieces I found from Rejuvenation are handcrafted in the United States. They are vintage reproduction pieces that don’t really complement our current furniture but are smaller touches that we can incorporate now before we are able to get bigger pieces like sofas and sideboards.  The prices are pretty steep for our budget, but buying actual vintage pieces online would be just as expensive, unless we’re lucky enough to find something at a flea market or yard sale, which is highly unlikely.

Another great site with cool, retro light fixtures (and many products made in USA) is Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co. Both companies have factories in Oregon. Check ’em out!


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