It’s All in the Details

I like to think one of the main reasons we were so impulsive quick to put an offer on this house was its undeniable character. During our house hunt, many of the homes in our price range simply lacked character. They were just plain boring. More than its unique architectural aesthetic, we’ve grown quite fond of a few little details we’ve noticed throughout our house. While many of the things we acquired with the house will end up in a dumpster (e.g. shag carpet, chiffon curtains, and paneling), these are the gems that are staying put:

  1. First and foremost, we adore the front door. Although it tested positive for lead-based paint, a local “strip shop” will professionally strip the door for us, down to its bare bones. Paint it or stain it? We’re not quite sure yet…
  2. How fantastic is this peephole on the front door?
  3. The bathroom and two closet doors feature these vintage crystal door knobs. I’ve got to get my hands on more of these for the rest of the house! Ebay, perhaps?
  4. We didn’t discover this built-in wall niche until we took down the dingy old curtains the owners left behind. There’s another one in the hall. Now, what to set there…?
  5. My favorite feature is the vintage dairy delivery box. Although the second owners added a sunroom to the rear of the home in the 60s, they fortunately left the milk box intact. It seems the milkman would come around the back and set the dairy products in this cooler, and then the Mrs. would access it from inside the kitchen area.

4 thoughts on “It’s All in the Details

  1. Hi, we are renovating a 40’s to make into deco style. Found a store in Portland Oregan called Rejuvenation that sells reproduction of deco door plates and knobs. We bought a bunch last year around Labour Day (we are from Canada) and they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. Like you will have to scrounge around everywhere try to find matching pieces to go with house.


    • Very cool about your reno project! I actually discovered that store too! Not in person, but we have purchased a light fixture through their website. Love their stuff!

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